Meshuggah Drop Thunderous New Song 'Light the Shortening Fuse'

2022-03-24 03:18:30 By : Ms. Janice Lin

After serving up the first taste of their new album, Immutable, with "The Abysmal Eye," Sweden's chugging overlords of complex rhythms, Meshuggah, have released another new single, "Light the Shortening Fuse."

Over the first half of this new track, things feel rather typical for Meshuggah with stomp 'n' groove elements that have dominated their work for over three decades well in play. It's the back portion of "Light the Shortening Fuse," however, that may catch listeners by surprise with melodic droning atmospheric touches that invoke a cinematic soundtrack vibe.

"Sound-wise, we were going for a warmer sound this time around, less harsh mids and highs in the guitars and less abrasive cymbals. Getting older, you feel like, ‘I want to be able to enjoy this,’ and not just be mauled and run over," drummer Tomas Haake said of the band's aim on recording Immutable, their ninth full length.

"Tomas has always been a monster behind the drum kit," added guitarist Mårten Hagström, "but I think we managed to capture more of his drumming style this time around. Like I’ve said, Tomas has always sounded great, but this is stepping it up a notch."

Listen to "Light the Shortening Fuse" below and look for Immutable to drop on April 1 on Atomic Fire. Pre-order your copy here.

Blinded, gagged and bound by confirmation On this premise we iterate a lie Why will stay unasked They know, we know, it doesn't matter

Barren hollow words, no information We're led to believe in self-applied deceit This trope of ignorance, disinformation Made to confuse, to light the shortened fuse

Wading through the rubble of ideologies Cherrypicking madness to the gospel of suckers Sustenancе for the greatest of idеas Life is a machine, it will cater to me Bow, serve, comply

Bared teeth, the lesson is complete The stench of strange raw meat Draw acolytes to feast Rotting thoughts the treat

So who came up with your ideas Before you spat them out like they were yours Play the pawn, knowing where hope lies Where it goes to die