DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Mobile Car Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBWWhy choose this light?1. Easy to install the base bracket2. Operating Temp Range: -40-60 Testing.3. Humidity: Max. 98%4. 3Khz Dimming Frequency5. IP65 Outdoor Strobe Mains voltage: 100-240V AC / 50-60HzPower: 450WLED Type: 44x10W /(15W)RGBW 4in1 LE

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DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

Why choose this light?

1. Easy to install the base bracket
2. Operating Temp Range: -40-60 Testing.
3. Humidity: Max. 98%
4. 3Khz Dimming Frequency
5. IP65 Outdoor Strobe
Mains voltage: 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz
Power: 450W
LED Type: 44x10W /(15W)RGBW 4in1 LEDs, 44x12W RGBWA+UV 6in1 LEDs 
Control Modes:7-Channel, 7-Channel (CTC), 9-Channel, 11-Channel
Protocol:USITT DMX512, RDM
RDM:Bidirectional communication
Wireless DMX:2.4GHz W-DMX (Optional)
Cooling: Temperature controlled, overheating protection
Dimmer: 0-100% electronic
DMX FunctionsAuto Programs, Color Macro, CTC, Dimmer, Curve, RGBW, Strobe
Tilt185 degree
Signal connection: Seetronic IP65 XLR 5-Pin or 3-Pin In/Out 
Power Input:Seetronic powerCON TRUE1 In/Out
Maximum ambient temperature: -30°C / 86°F, 50°C / 122°F 
Mounting Options
Standing: Rubber feet
Hanging: Omega-Bracket
Safety wire attachment: foldout eyelets
Single fixture: cardboard (inner and outer cartons)  
Flight Case Optional 
Packing Size56x36x26cm
Net Weight10Kg
Gross Weight12.5Kg
DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

Δ You can choose your packing terms. We are using two cartons for packing this light. Total weight is only 14.6kg.
If you have big quantity, you can design your own carton.
Flight case is optional. Mostly 4lights in 1 case.

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

Δ  We will show you clearly the interior manufacturing. 
-Power supply

You can mention to us what you prefer. We can customize your own requirement light.

Δ Please check the following pictures of the clubs, concert we have fullfiled. The clubs has used more than hundreds 230w beams, tens of 350 and some other LEDs Light and Stage effects. The customers invite us to vietnam often to thank our good work. Whenever they open a new clubs, We are their No.1 to consider based on our good service and the most important part: Great Lights we offered.
Δ If you have been to Chinese Soho clubs, You may see our good work. Soho and True Color are the chained clubs in China. Their most choices are Beam moving lights. We are the No.1 choices from them

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

How do you choose your LED beam moving lights from China out of all suppliers?

 Monthly sell-out
Our company has sold 500-1000pcs 230/330/350/380 and LED Beam Moving head both China and overseas monthly. With big shipment like this, our quality is stablized by experiences.

 Prices based on materials
When often quoting to customers, We have to make sure which materials they prefer. For example, lamp has Yodn/Chinese Brands(Even chinese brands has A/B/C Level). Motor, Lenses, Housings can all make big difference. Don't make your desicion based on first sight price.

 Delivery Time
We always keep stock. In addition, Our company is famous among the raw materials suppliers because We have always done big quantity order to them. Therefore, whenever we need any urgent orders, We are the top No.10 to be supplied. You can count on us about urgent orders.

We are able to offer you continuous after-sales service since we have the ability. If your purchase ends up in some unknown companies, whenever there is any problem, it is very possible you can't get after-sales service email quickly or even never. 

Try us, you won't get disappointed!

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

Δ You may need CE/ROSH certificates to do importing in your country. We have what you need.

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

Δ Customers from all over the world is coming to check our lights. I hope you can be one of them.

DMX 44X10W/15W IP65 Moving Wash Light RGBW

You may have other questions for us. We would like to list some you may ask.

1. We work only with factories. Are you?
Made-in-china has report on factory or trading company this supplier is. Please download the SGS report from our made-in-china mainpage. You can clearly see that We are the 100% real factories who has our own research&development, Sales, Accounting, Producing Department. So don't worry. You are working with the right supplier without paying extra money.

2. How am I sure that my money is safe with you?
First, You have Made-in-China this platform. They protect you.
Secondly, Our company has our working license both in Guangzhou and Hongkong. They protect you.
Thirdly, You can choose to pay by Paypal, It protects you.
Fourthly, CYSTAGELIGHT is a company with more than 10 years experience in this industry. We protect you.

3.If we have problems with your lights, how do I do?
Electronics things sometimes will meet some unexpected problems. We are not afraid of meeting problems. We have our full team to fix them for you. 
Within warranty, We will send you a video clip, instruction and parts to teach you how to fix. Without warranty, We are still here for you. Only you need to pay for the parts. Our malfunction feedback is controlled to less than 1%. You don't need to worry about that. Even Martin, Ayrton, Robe sometimes has after-sales service. The attitude and speed of service counts. In all these parts, you can be fully assured.

4.Delivery time (I have an urgent order, can you rush for us?)
We have our order chart based on time. If true urgency, We can bring forward your order without influency of others.

5. Company Location (Far from airport?)
Our company has only 20 minutes drive from airport. CYSTAGELIGHT always welcome you!

Please let us know more of your questions. You can click the button "Contact now" on the top of the page near product. We can have chance to talk more. 


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